Syllabi on the Web for Women and Gender-Related Courses
This regularly updated website contains approximately 600 syllabi for women- and gender-related courses organized by discipline. Maintained by Joan Korenman 

Diversity Web
A comprehensive site of campus practices and resources about diversity in higher education

Women in the Curriculum series
From the National Center for Curriculum Transformation Projects on Women, these short books offer suggestions, resources, and rationale for infusing gender into courses in all disciplines. They are accessible in full-text through ERIC at EBSCOHost (available through and select advanced search and search for "Women in the Curriculum series" as a title search. Include the quotation marks in the search statement.

Women's Studies Database
University of Maryland, Syllabi on Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender

Gender Differences in Participation and Completion of Undergraduate Education and How They Have Changed (Feb., 2005)
This analysis examines gender differences in rates of participation and completion of undergraduate education, focusing on changes over time in college enrollment, associate's and bachelor's degree awards, and the demographic and enrollment characteristics of undergraduate men and women.

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections: Women's Studies Section.
Book titles currently in print are selected by academic librarians who volunteer to maintain a subject area. The project assists Women's Studies librarians and collection development librarians in building Women's Studies collections and can also serve as a guide to instructional faculty in selecting available course readings.