CJ Bowie
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Contact Info

CJ Komp is a PhD candidate in Musicology at the University of Georgia, where he also received the graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. He is currently working as a teaching assistant for the Institute for Women's Studies, teaching WMST 1110: Multicultural Perspectives on Women in the U.S. His research interests include trans studies and performances of gender, race, sexuality, and class in music, on stage and on screen. He has a background in oboe performance and working with 18th-century concerti and studies of attribution. Currently, he is developing a dissertation around the queer uses of time in opera, music video, and small town drag scenes. 

Most recently, he received the Franklin College-University of Liverpool Research Fellowship, with which he traveled to Liverpool, UK in April 2019 to research with queer musicologist, Freya Jarman.

When not dissertating, he likes to hang out with his cat, Clara, and perform with Gamelan Chandra Natha, UGA’s newly formed Balinese Gamelan Ensemble.