How can I join the Women's Studies listserv?

Women's Studies has multiple listservs. Here's information on each listserv to help you figure out which one is right for you:

UGAIWS-L : general list for all interested in Women's Studies activities; community members, faculty, staff, students, others all welcome
WSSTU-L : for all undergraduate students with a Women's Studies major or minor
WSGRAD-L : for all graduate students completing the Women's Studies Graduate Certificate
AFFIL-L : for all Women's Studies affiliate faculty members
WSTEACH-L : for all IWS faculty and graduate teaching assistants, or all who are teaching courses for Women's Studies

Send an email to and request to be added.

Who is involved in Women's Studies at UGA?

Various faculty and students from most colleges on campus participate in our activities. 

How do I become involved in the activities of the Institute for Women's Studies at UGA?

You can:

- take Women's Studies courses;
- become a Women's Studies major, double major, minor or certificate student;
- become an affiliate or associate faculty member;
- join the Women's Studies Student Organization (WSSO);
- present research at our Student Symposium or Friday Speaker Series;
- attend our numerous events; or
- volunteer to serve on a committee.

If I wish to send a contribution to the Institute for Women's Studies, what sorts of activities would I be supporting?

Contributions can support events intended to build connections among gender researchers across campus, student and faculty interdisciplinary research, student travel to conferences, and special initiatives.

Does the Institute for Women's Studies have a Twitter and/or Facebook page?

Yes, we do!  Follow us on Twitter @UGAWMST and/or like us on Facebook.