Preliminary Conference Program

2019 Women and Girls in Georgia Conference

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Athens, Georgia


7:30am - 8:30am | Registration Check-In & Networking

Doors to open at 7:15am

8:30am - 9:45am | Morning Concurrent Sessions (A)

Session A1

--“Our Foremothers’ Land, Our Future Community: Launching the Vanilla Bowman Center”

Dr. Janaka B. Lewis, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Dr. Heather A. Brown, Vanilla Bowman Center


--“Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: The Interplay Between Local, National, and International Ecological Organizing”

Valerie King, University of Georgia

McEver Dugan, University of Georgia


--“The Vanguard of the Movement: A Community of Anti-Nuclear Women in the American South, 1974-2014”

Aubrey Underwood, Clark Atlanta University


Session A2: Workshop

--“Data & Storytelling for Community Engagement”

Leigh Creighton Bond, Feminist Women’s Health Center


Session A3

--“Driving a Coordinated Community Response to Intimate Partner Violence: How Death Reviews Bring Community Change to Life”

Jenny Aszman, Georgia Commission on Family Violence

Jennifer Thomas, Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council


--“The Fear of Sexual Assault and Being a Part of the College Community”

Dr. Adrienne Baldwin-White, University of Georgia


--“Safe Zone for All: The First Steps to Becoming an Ally for Our Community”

Maria G. Calatayud, University of North Georgia


Session A4

--“Can the Black Girl Speak?: Surviving Transgenerational Traumas in Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory (1998) and Angie Thomas’s The Hate U Give (2017)”

Necole DeLoach, Georgia Southern University

Dr. Hapsatou Wane, Georgia Southern University


--“Pushed to the Fringes: Homeless Women’s Narratives of Trauma as Sites for Community-Building”

Meghan E. Barnes, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


--“Girls at the Intersection, the paradox of religion, poverty, gender and HIV and AIDS”

Chiome Chrispen, Zimbabwe Open University


Session A5

--“Establishing the Northeast Georgia League of Women Voters: Opportunities and Challenges”

Dawn Hawkins Johnson, Hi Hope Service Center

Dr. Maryann E. Gallagher, University of Georgia

--"Title TBD"

Deborah Gonzalez, Community Advocate, Former Representative of Georgia House District 117


10:00am - 11:15am | Morning Concurrent Sessions (B)

Session B1

--“Black Lives Matter and the New Beloved Community”

Dr. Carolyn M. Jones Medine, University of Georgia


--“Digital Diaspora for Black Women and Girls: Engaging Pop Culture, Cultivating Pride in Communities, and Mobilizing for Change

Ashley L. Love, University of Georgia

Tareva L. Johnson, Clemson University and University of Georgia


--“Building Alternative Futures: Exploring Core Beliefs To Revitalize Community Care, Prevent Burnout, and Break Down Martyrdom for Future Generations”

Erin Kilpatrick, University of Georgia

Frank Gorritz, University of Georgia

Constance Lewis Cromartie, University of Georgia


Session B2

--“Breaking Out of Gender: Transgender Inmates, American Law, and Vulnerability Theory

Lauren Hunady, Emory University


--“From the Classroom to Confinement: A Closer Look at the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Girls in Atlanta”

Kelcee Jones-Connor, Esq., Atlanta Judicial Circuit

Tia Dolet, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


--“An Examination of Pipelines: Investigating the Flint, Michigan Lead Pipeline through the School-to-Prison Pipeline Literature”

Yasmine Edge, Agnes Scott College


Session B3

--“Radical Feminism in Action: Women’s Music Festivals Transforming the Patriarchal Music Industry”

Jaime Webb, University of Georgia


--“Lillian Smith and Carson McCullers: Professional Struggle, Personal Conflict"

Scenes from the prize-winning play “Lillian, Paula, Carson” read by UGA actresses.

John Barrow


Session B4: Workshop

“Become a Sexual Abuse & Assault ‘Mythbuster’”

Marina Sampanes Peed, Mosaic Georgia

Lindsay Woon Ferreira, Mosaic Georgia

Kathy Carter, Mosaic Georgia

Meredith Rainey-Permar, Mosaic Georgia


Session B5

--“The Mental Health Effects of Unsafe Abortions”

Jordyn Alderman, Kennesaw State University


--“Reproductive Justice through Menstrual Health: The Importance of Menstrual Cycle Education and Advocacy”

Dr. Evelina W. Sterling, Kennesaw State University


--“The Effect of Stereotypes on Black Women’s Mental Health”

Quanay Calvert, Kennesaw State University


Session B6: LGBTQIA+ Workshop

"Supporting Intersectional Queer and Trans Communities"

Chad Mandala, UGA LGBT Resource Center

Jacqueline E. Adams, UGA LGBT Resource Center


11:30am - 12:45pm | Keynote Lecture (plenary)

"Not Quite: Navigating Citizenship and Belonging"

Presented by Dr. Ada Cheng

1:00pm - 2:30pm | Lunch

Included in registration

2:45pm - 4:00pm | Roundtable Discussion (plenary)

Title TBA

Briana Bivens, Athens for Everyone

Shannon Clawson, Georgia Equality

Agbo Ikor, SPARK Reproductive Justice Now

More Panelists TBA


4:15pm - 5:30pm | Afternoon Concurrent Sessions (C)

Session C1

--“Lazos Hispanos: Promotoras as Agents of Change in Athens, Georgia”

J. Maria Bermudez, University of Georgia

Promotoras/Community Health Workers

Rebecca Matthew, University of Georgia

Pamela Orpinas, University of Georgia

Carolina Darbisi, University of Georgia

Alejandra Calva, University of Georgia

Luis Alvarez, University of Georgia


--“‘Where Academics Meets Activism’: Gender Excellence Learning Community as Case Study for Social Change”

Jennifer Byrd, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


--“The Victim-Perpetrator Binary in Media Coverage of Immigrants”

Nira Marte, University of Georgia


Session C2

--“WomenLead in Georgia: Experiential Learning & Professional Aspirations among Undergraduate Women”

Dr. Sarah Allen Gershon, Georgia State University

Dr. Nancy Mansfield, Georgia State University


--“Power Dynamics of Women in Leadership Roles and Their Systems of Community Support”

Elisabeth Malloy, Georgia Southern University

Ashley Strickland, Georgia Southern University


--“Imposter Syndrome and Feminist Pedagogy”

Cheryl Kennedy, University of Georgia


Session C3

--“#BlackGirlsArise!: (Re)visioning Black Feminist Pedagogy in Urban Education Research”

Annette Teasdell, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


--“Sorry to Bother You: ‘Code Switching’ as a Coping Strategy among Black Women in STEM”

Dr. Danielle Dickens, Spelman College


--“Let me be spiritual: Narratives of Black Undergraduate Women at Predominately White Institutions”

Christy Y. Dinkins, University of Georgia


Session C4 - Workshop

--“Growing Real Opportunities in Work and Life: Community Building and Food Insecurity”

Chasity Tompkins, University of Georgia and Georgia 4-H

Georgia 4-H participants


Session C5: “Why We're Here: Improving Community Response to Victims of Sexualized Violence”

Lindsay W. Ferreira, Mosaic Georgia

Kathy Carter, Mosaic Georgia

Meredith Rainey Permar, Mosaic Georgia

Marina S. Peed, Mosaic Georgia


Session C6: Workshop

“Protecting our House: Bystander Intervention for a Caring Community”

Tayler Simon, University of Georgia


Session C7

--“Adolescent Girls Redefining the Feminine Aesthetic through Online Community Building”

Dawn Campbell, University of South Carolina


--“The Redefinition of Race, Gender, and Class in a Make America Great Again Society”

Syeda H. Bano, Oglethorpe University


--“A New Manifesto”

Ginny Morris, University of Georgia