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Graduate Courses

Supervised professional practice in an organization, agency, or business where women's leadership skills may be developed. Non-traditional format: Internship.

This course provides a multidisciplinary, transnational introduction to the discipline of women's studies for those graduate students with little or no background in the field. Topics of study include labor markets, health, reproduction, socialization, language, media representations, law, and…

Theoretical and methodological issues in the study and use of black women's narratives. The course also focuses on how gender, ethnicity, culture, class, and sociohistorical context are reflected in various kinds of narrative texts.

Ethnographic research and writing and how it is shaped by gender, race, class, and other markers of social difference. Issues of identity politics, power relationships, ethical dilemmas, and representational strategies will be explored. Students will engage in critical reading of classic…

Materials, techniques, and objectives for teaching undergraduate courses in women's studies. Will include an explanation of feminist pedagogies and information about creating lectures, leading discussions, sparking critical thought, and assessing student learning.

Readings and independent research closely supervised by a faculty member on a specified interdisciplinary topic in women's studies.

Feminist perspectives on epistemology, thinking, learning, and the production of knowledge; inclusiveness of academic disciplines to women's lives and experiences; the question of whether distinct feminist methods exist within academic disciplines; and women's status as participants in…

The assumptions and procedures of interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences with specific attention to the purposes and processes of generating knowledge about women, gender, and feminism. Investigation and comparison of various qualitative and quantitative…

Seminar covering topics of scholarly interest in advanced feminist theory.

Investigation of same-sex desire, heterosexuality, homosexuality, and the regulation of sexual identities across different racial/ethnic and class/regional communities. Focusing on Native American, African American, Latino, Asian American, and international studies, with texts from law,…

Ongoing and current topics of scholarly interest in Women's Studies.

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